ASAPbio competition: buat hasil negatif penelitian Anda menjadi pemenang preprint


Do you have data buried in your lab notebooks that did not prove your hypothesis but would be useful to your scientific field? Or perhaps inconclusive results due to technological limitations which would be relevant for others to avoid duplicating efforts?

Preprints allow sharing of all research works in a flexible format; this includes negative or inconclusive results. By posting those valuable results as a preprint, you can share your work with the community and help address publication bias.

Through our competition, we want to celebrate the value of negative/null scientific results and the use of preprints to share that important work with the community. If you have posted a preprint reporting negative or inconclusive results, or are planning to post one, then we encourage you to submit it to ASAPbio competition.

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Deadline: 14 January 2023

ASAPbio competition