Preprint / Version 1

The growth of forearc highs and basins in the oblique Sumatra subduction system


  • Maruf Mukti Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  • Hade Maulin
  • Haryadi Permana


oblique subduction, strain partitioning, forearc, thrust fault, strike-slip fault


Strain partitioning in an oblique subduction system controlled the development of a major shear zone near volcanic arc and additional strike-slip displacements that uplifted the forearc high and detached from the forearc basin. However, previous and recent studies in the Sumatra forearc also proposed that the forearc high areas have developed due to several processes that include flexural uplift, basin inversion, uplift of older accretionary wedge, and backthrusting in the landward edge of the accretionary wedge. We reviewed those observations to understand the uplift mechanisms of forearc high and the formation of the forearc basin in the oblique Sumatra subduction system. Observation of recent seismic reflection data shows that the interplay between trenchward-vergent thrusts and arcward-vergent backthrust has played a major role in the uplift of forearc high. The uplifted sediments on the forearc high were previously formed in a forearc basin environment. The present-day morphology of the forearc high and forearc basin is related to the uplift of the accretionary wedge and the overlying forearc basin sediments in Pliocene. Regardless of obliquity in the subduction system, the Sumatran forearc region is dominated by compression that plays an important role in forming Neogene basin depocenters that elongated parallel to the trench.


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