Preprint / Version 1

Organization Performance Improvement based on Baldrige Indicators with Delphi Method Approaching


  • Sugiri Widjajanto Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta


Baldrige Criteria, MBNQA, MBCfPE, Delphi, Performance excellence


Although more attention is paid to improvement in industry and business, little effort is made to develop the organization’s overall performance, which actually underpins organizational quality improvement. This study is conducted to see the performance of an organization that is an electromedical equipment assembly company in Indonesia that in 2020 experienced a surge in jobs and experienced barriers in social activities due to the pandemic. The performance analysis was carried out using seven variables from the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (MBCfPE) which were elaborated into 43 indicators of organizational performance. Weaknesses and strengths of organizational performance were sharpened through focus group discussions (FGD). Five experts used the Delphi approach and ended with a performance improvement solution with a priority rank, whereas the Operational variable has the highest 91% Delphi consensus result. This study contributes to performance measurement research that combines the use of US Baldrige variables, brainstorming discussion and the Delphi method.


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