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A bibliometric study on the usage of isotope in hydrogeological studies in Indonesia


isotope, hydrogeology, environmental, bibliometric, Indonesia


Background: Hydrogeology education has been inserted into undergraduate geology education. In fact, since the early 1990s, postgraduate programs in Indonesia have been established specifically to study hydrogeology and its applications. We conducted a bibliometric review to identify advances in hydrogeological research using isotopes.

Methods: A total of 68 research articles using isotopes in various regions in Indonesia were extracted from the Scopus database. The corpus data were analyzed statistically with Orange Data Mining and bibliometrically with Vosviewer. We analyzed the relationship of authorship and keyword text mining to identify research groups, research funding flows, and the intensity of research collaboration that has occurred.

Conclusion: We found that although the majority of research funding comes from the Government of Indonesia, there are many foreign research funders who fund research in Indonesia. There are more researchers using isotopes for research on tectonics and volcanology. Various countries from Asia, Europe, America and Africa have collaborated with Indonesian researchers using various types of isotopes. Hydrogeological and environmental isotope research itself is still minimal. This may be related to research that is still focused on natural disasters. 


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Four cluster of researches using isotopes in Indonesia


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